By Sqn Structure

Cadet Adult Volunteers

FS A Alexander RAFAC
Squadron WO (SWO)
CI J McCrudden
Aviation Officer
CI R Churula
Civilian Instructor 
CI S Johnson
Training Officer
CI D Hall
Sqn Adjutant
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Staff Role Information:-


Officer Commanding
The Officer Commanding (OC) is the person with overall responsibility for running the Squadron, and the welfare and safety of the cadets and volunteer staff.


Uniformed Staff
Uniformed Staff are responsible for management, planning and supervising activities for the cadets. These are either officers commissioned into the volunteer reserve of the Royal Air Force or Non Commissioned Officers (NCO) appointed into the Air Training Corps.


Civilian Instructor
Civilian Instructors deliver much of the training for the cadets. Many of them have valuable expertise in specialist subjects or hold qualifications to run certain activities.


Civilian Committee
To support the Squadron activities we have a civilian committee, this is made up of ‘Friends of the Squadron’. The committee is responsible for organising fund raising activities and supervising finances of the Squadron. The committee is independent of the Squadron staff (although they work closely together) and its members are usually parents of cadets of community figures.